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We reupholster and restore upholstered furniture of all eras and styles.

  • Strip furniture to the frame

  • Re-glue dowel, screw frame together. Replace wood as necessary 

  • Strip finish, repair scratches and damage. Refinish with paint, stain, lacquer, polyurethane etc. 

  • Redo hand tied coil springs, webbing, decking

  • Re-stuff with horsehair, cotton, coconut hair, cotton, Dacron, foam, latex, down/ feather as required.

  • Reupholster in any style with fabric, vinyl, leather. 

  • We also do wall, door and panel upholstery on location. 

  • We upholster with Customers Own Material, or we offer sourcing and procurement. Our showroom has an extensive sample library we offer as a resource to our clients.

  • We offer commercial grade stain protection for most fabrics upon request.

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